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By the end of this project, you will learn how to perform the entire time series analysis workflow for the daily COVID-19 deaths. This workflow includes the following steps: how to examine time series data, prepare the data for analysis, train different models and test their performance, and finally use the models to forecast into the future. You will learn how to visualize data using the matplotlib library, extract features from a time series data set, and perform data splitting and normalization. You will create time series analysis models using the python programming language. You will create and train four time series models: SARIMAX, Facebook prophet, neural networks and XGBOOST....

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By Brian U

Nov 15, 2020

Perhaps it's not fair to compare this to full Coursera courses I have taken in the past, but I was disappointed that the built-in Colab notebook was clunky and there was a time limit on using it! I realized later that I could go to the resources section and download a .ipynb file to use in my own jupyter notebook. That made a huge difference! Otherwise, the course gave examples of how to use the four ML libraries and I was able to fill in some of the details afterwards.

By Celina S

Jun 16, 2021

It explains well how to prepare data, create models, train them and evaluate them in the test set. Sadly, it does not explain how to retrain the models and forecast for future dates instead of just the test set, which I think it's the most challenging part.

By Sebastian D A

Mar 7, 2021

Very complete for a small 2 hour project! But Please write some parts of the code on the next project, because the pace is too fast, and the notebooks are empty!

By Yanan Y

Apr 8, 2021

Excellent instructor!

By Richard A M

Oct 23, 2020


By Umesh A

Oct 2, 2022

Course was great. But at the end, the instructor should mention how should we get the prediction values in original units. Currently the predicted values are the values after twice differencing, and not the original values.

By Julie F

Feb 5, 2022

I find it hard to follow. Sometimes the video doesn't show the full screen of the notebook.

By Richard A

May 19, 2022

Truly awful course - I learnt barely a thing. Delivery is so painfully monotonic and dry with zero enthusiasm. Content is terrible - barely any concepts explained, just type this, type that. I got nothing from this.

The Rhyme environment is horrible. I kept getting cut off from the session which would reset everything (I have fast, stable fibre connection). The screens are so miniscule on a laptop that you can barely see anything going on. The interface is so laggy you can wait seconds before seeing your keystrokes appear.

I'd rate this with negative stars if I could.