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Learner Reviews & Feedback for The Great Sustainability Transition: Global challenges, Local actions by Universiteit Leiden

About the Course

Drastic shifts are needed. Get the knowledge and skills to take local action. Setting the stage: Why do we care? Learn about sustainability and staying with the environmental boundaries of our planet. Understand the effects of growing affluence and population growth, and the key challenges we are facing. By participating in the local action exercises you learn how to influence your direct environment. The activities are diverse, from participating in a citizen science project to having discussions with people on climate change. From determining biodiversity around you, to understanding the environmental impacts of one of your meals. Week 1: Biodiversity How much land do we use for feed humanity? And how does meat consumption impact energy flows on the planet? In this first week we will explore how humans have transformed the world around them, and how this impacts other living organisms. We discuss key challenges which drive biodiversity decline, and focus on ways to preserve our biodiversity. As a Local Action, you will explore your local biodiversity and ways to improve and protect it. Week 2: Climate breakdown Why is climate change such an urgent crisis? What are current climate impacts and how much more can we expect? In this second week we will understand the mechanics of climate change and grasp the enormity of the changes being wrought on the planet. We will describe the different gases that contribute to climate change, and which sector they come from across energy and food systems. We will talk about how to address climate change including mitigation, adaptation, and suffering. As a local action, you will discuss climate change openly, constructively and acceptingly with a friend or family member. Week 3: Pollution Pollution is everywhere, from air to water, from soils to our bodies. We’ll explore the impacts different pollutants have on the environment and on human health. We will also focus on some of the unexpected effects related to pollution. As a Local Action you will be collecting trash around your home. Week 4: The great transitions Why are we continuing to overexploit crucial resources even though we know the devastating long term consequences for our planet? And why don’t we transition our energy and food systems, even though we know they drive climate breakdown? Explore why collective action is so difficult on environmental challenges, but also provide examples were changes were successful. We will discuss fear and hope at a unique time of human civilization. As a Local Action you will analyse the footprint of one of your meals....

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By Vos E

Mar 4, 2023

This is by far the best MOOC I have ever taken. Thijs and Paul manage to strike a balance between the local and the global level of climate action, between academic and practical knowledge, and between hope and alarm about the climate crisis. As a person who has been interested and active in climate action for a while this course managed to deepen my knowledge and make me look at my own environment in a completely different way. Would definitely recommend!

By Maria d L

Mar 5, 2023

Maravilhoso! Acrescentou muito ao meu conhecimento sobre o assunto. Ambos os professores são geniais, excelentes. Recomendo este curso a todos. Acredito até que todos os cursos universitários deveriam apresentar uma disciplina baseada nas estratégias usadas por este curso. É urgente que mais pessoas entendam o que está acontecendo ao planeta e à nossa civilização. Tenho uma imensa gratidão pelo Coursera e pelos professores Thijs Bosker e Paul Behrens.

By Ehsaneddin A

Jan 30, 2023

Should you care for your loved ones, the nature, future, and of course yourself, you must pass this course! Let's stop developing at any cost, and think of it as an investment in mankind.

By felipe c h

Feb 28, 2023

I learned to know more about the world and its weaknesses that we have done to it and how much we need to do together

By Viola B

Feb 22, 2023

Interesting and helpful. Thank you